I deo testa za Prvi razred

1 Complete the sentences with the words from the box. There are more words than you need.

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creative / house-warming / rude / play / truant / reunion / classmates / postman / drop / out

0 We’re looking for _creative_ people who want to become writers.

1 I’m afraid she’s going to _______________ of school. Don’t you think we should talk to her parents?

2 We had a lot of fun at that school _______________ last week. We met a lot of our old _________________.

3 Our school doesn’t have any problems with students who __________________. Parents always call us to say that their child is not going to be present.

2 Complete the sentences. Make adjectives from the verbs in capital letters.

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0 This film is boring _boring_. BORE

1 I was really _______________ in the text about dyslexia. INTEREST

2 She couldn’t remember his name and she felt a bit _______________. EMBARRASS

3 My neighbours usually borrow something from me and I think it’s very _______________.ANNOY

4 I was really _______________ on my first day at school. EXCITE

5 When my parents read my marks at the end of the school year, they weren’t _______________. SATISFY

3 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of used to.

/ 3

0 I _used to smoke_ (smoke) when I was younger.

1 ____________________________________ (she/wear) glasses when she was in primary school?

2 This actress ______________________________ (be) famous for her films but now she works in a shop.

3 My daughter ______________________________ (not/like) her form tutor because he was very strict.

4 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of Past Simple.

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0 I _was_ (be) only three years old then.

1 When ______________________________ (she/leave) university?

2 Agatha Christie ______________________________ (not/be) a good student because she _____________________ (not/know) how to spell.

3 I’m not going to put on that jumper! I _______________ (wear) it yesterday!

4 We ________________ (have) a Maths test last week. I hope I ______________________ (not/fail) it.

5 ____________________________________ (they/be) happy when she ___________________________________ (tell) them the news?


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